Make a Book Without Staples and Tape AND Yarn!





Have you ever attempt to make a book, but couldn't make it because your class room lacked

staples, tape, and even yarn?

You could make a book that is durable, and can add more pages in, only with paper and  scissors! 

This will help you well when you have a project, or want to organize work you have in school!

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Step 1: Cut the Dotted Line for Part 1

Get a sheet of paper, and cut the dotted line for Part 1!
Measure 1.5 inches from the middle of the paper and cut the middle!
This will be the base.

Step 2: Cut the Dotted Part for Part 2

Get another sheet of paper, and cut the dotted parts for part 2!
these are about 1.5inches from each side of the paper in the middle
To add additional pages, make more of this part 2.

Step 3: Roll Up Part 2 and Insert It Into Part 1!

roll up part 2 and insert it into part 1!
To add more pages, just add more of part 2!
You're done!

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2 years ago

That is the smartest thing I have ever seen. I'm making a late Father's day present because I'm going to Tenessee and I won't be home in time to give it to him. Thank you. Oh, and knuckleboy, you should definitely watch the video. That's how I understood step three.


6 years ago on Introduction

I don't get it. Please show me a picture of the book. How can I roll the part 2? Show me please?

no offence, but what if a school project came up? Sorry, but what if it have to had 15 pages? This is the best and simplested book ive ever seen, but can you try to learn how to fit more pages? over all its awesome, but just tell me if it is offencive. Sorry if is=(