Make a Bracelet Out of Used Guitar Strings.




Introduction: Make a Bracelet Out of Used Guitar Strings.

This is one of the first things I made with guitar string. It looks a lot more complicated than it is, it is just two three strand braids, side by side, sewn together with wire.

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Step 1: Materials Needed:

Guitar string: acoustic strings are easier to work with, but skinny electric ones work okay too.

Wire: 20 and 26 gauge.

Jump rings: Big enough to fit through your bracelet loops. They need to be strong too.

A clasp: the lobster claw ones work best for this project.

Step 2: Tools Needed:

You need wire cutters: I use heavy duty plier/cutters for the guitar strings, and smaller wire cutters for the wire.

A clamp.

A small hammer and something to hammer on, I use a small anvil.

Step 3: Make Your Braid.

Bundle three guitar strings together, wire wrap with 20 gauge wire, Hammer or crimp the wire to flatten and secure. Clamp to a steady surface so you can braid easily. You want a long braid, because you are going to fold it in half. At the end of the braid, secure like the beginning. You will be cutting these two end pieces off eventually, so they don't have to look good.

Step 4: Connecting the Braids, an Overview. 1a

You connect the braids by "sewing" the inside loops of the braids together. One side of the bracelet will be the inside, next to your skin. That makes the other side the outside, for show.

Step 5: Connect Braids 1b.

Fold your braid in half and wire together with the 20 gauge wire, about a 1/2 inch below the fold. Hammer or crimp to secure.This one counts! Make it look good. Decide which side will be the outside of your bracelet. Now connect the two braids side by side with the 26 gauge wire, as described in the previous step. Make sure the wires end on what will be the outside of your bracelet(unless you like pain). Trim all the wires as close to the braid as possible. Now your braid has a looped end and an unfinished end.

Step 6: Make Bracelet.

On the loop end, add a jump ring and clasp. Measure the braid around your wrist. Make the loop for the last jump ring by folding back the unfinished end of the braid and wiring it together with the bracelet. Crimp or hammer the wire to secure. Trim the guitar strings as close to the wire as possible. Add your last jump ring, if your bracelet is too tight, add another jump ring.

Step 7: Opptional

You can hammer the main part of your bracelet, it flattens some of the high points and gives the bracelet more texture.

Step 8: All Done!

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12 months ago on Step 5

I love this project, THANK YOU!!


Question 2 years ago

this is what i am trying to replicate. thank you in advance for any advice you can give me :)

guitar string bracelets.png

Question 2 years ago on Introduction

can you screw one cord together to make a seemless bracelet (like screw it into itself) so i can make multiple bangles


5 years ago on Introduction

That's really cool! I made bracelets out of leather and metal rings...but string is great idea! :)

I loved it :). Thank you for sharing. May i suggest that you change your main photo to second pic in order, it is much clear. Thanks.


Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

Thanks for the suggestion, I think I changed it!