Make a Circle Out of Squares?




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Build a square wooden frame with nails all around. Tie string round the nails and repeat until all nails are used. You should be left with a cool circle shape and a nice piece of art for very little cost

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Step 1: Wanna Make Some "art" for Very Little Cost.

Finished project should look like this!

Step 2: Materials

You'll need:
4 pieces of wood (pref the same length - if you want a square)
8 large screws
A box of flat head nails
Some twine (a big ball of it)

You'll need the following tools:

Step 3: Build the Frame

Nice and easy:

Screw the screws into the wooden frame at right angles as shown in the diagram.

Step 4: Add the Nails

Add an equal number of nails to each side (I nailed them along the facing edge so they protroud slightly - You'll need a good 1cm or so not embedded in the wood - probably need fairly long nails to get a firm hold)

You should aim to space them out fairly evenly (my drawing is no that even).

Step 5: Start Tying

As you can see I've added nails all round the frame.

Next begin by tying the twine or string to the first nail in the upper left hand corner, next loop it round the upper right hand nail, then to the bottom right nail, then to the lower left nail (you should have a square shape - slightly off centre of the main frame - this is indicated by the red dots).

Next repeat the process but use the next nail to the ones in the original process (represented by the green dots) - but remember you can just continue to loop from one nail to the other rather than cutting the twine and retying. You should aim to only have two "ends" to the twine (basically using one long piece rather than lots of shorter bits).

I looped the twine round the nails a couple of times to give a firm grip.

Repeat until all nails have a loop of twine round them. Now cut the twine and tie it off at the last nail.

Step 6: Finsihed Article 1 - Detail

You should now have a finished article.

Here is a shot of the corner mine:

Step 7: Finished Article 2 - Detail

Further detail of mine.

All you need now is to mount it and admire.

Someone asked how I was going to paint the twine? Simple answer is I'm not but I guess you could. Give it a go!

Why not try:
a rectangular frame?
different coloured/types of twine?
3,5,6 or more sided frames?
add nails around a window frame and tie the twine, giving you an awesome window decoration!
Multiple frames?
Tie twine on both sides?
Combine this design with a picture frame?

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    8 Discussions

    i would always write programs on my TI-83 to make patterns like that...pretty cool!


    12 years ago

    I made artwork similar to this when I was in school, forgot what its called, but its pretty cool. Mine is more star shaped.


    13 years ago

    at my dive instructor's house he had one that his sister made of an owl on a branch


    13 years ago

    I would sometimes draw these, but yours looks much better. It might also work as the face of a wall clock. Great execution and descriptions!


    13 years ago

    That's cool! kinda' like an inside out 'God's Eye' as I remember them being called. Totally Geometric Dude!


    13 years ago

    <G> Back in my day, we called it 'string art' (, and used different colours of thread or wire, like this ( or this ( I remember making my mom a rather complicated one out of gold and silver wire on black velvet. <HAPPY_SIGH> Ah, good times.

    BTW, finishing nails work better.