Toss It! Make a Cone Shaped Paper Airplane.

Introduction: Fold the Corners

Fold the corners to the middle of the paper.

Step 1: Fold 1/4 of the Wings

fold 1/4 of the wing so it looks like the picture, remember to fold both sides.

Step 2: Fold All the Way and Back.

Fold to match the photo and than fold back like you did in the last step.

Optional: fold the pointy tip inward to protect other people's eyes when flying. I can not be held liable for any dangerous activity that you engage in when using my plane design.

Step 3: DONE!!!

Now just fold the plane in half, put in the paper clip, and off you can go. This plane flys far so make sure you do it outside on a calm day. Just throw gently and it will go far.

Notes: If you throw to hard it won't fly far and you may get poked in the eye! If you built it wrong it will do stalls and inversions.

I may eventully put up a video on how to fly it.

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    12 years ago

    There is your video, the wind took my plane and pummeled it to the ground on both times. the first time the plane went about 17 feet and the second it went about 30 feet.


    12 years ago

    One last thing I forgot to add. To send a note to a friend in class or at work, just add the note on the paper clip.


    Reply 12 years ago

    Not a good idea to throw it across the room haha.

    But still, nice Instructable.
    P.S. You forgot to add in a 30 second (or less) video of it in flight!