Make a Cool Circuit Necklace!



Introduction: Make a Cool Circuit Necklace!

I made my necklace with a perfectly round piece of circuit board I found in a parking lot. It had a hole already punched through it, but you can drill a hole too.

You need:
Clear nail polish
Circuit Board
Leather cord
Barrel Clasp


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Step 1: Clean and Coat the Circuit Board

I first put some hand sanitizer on my circuit because I found it outside. Then take the nail polish and coat both sides. Allow to dry and coat again, until any rough parts are smooth and it is shiny.

Step 2: Add the Cord

String the leather cord through the hole and tie. Cut the cord so the circuit hangs where you like it. Tie each end of the barrel tightly, and coat with nail polish if you wish. You're done! I'd love to see any finished projects.

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