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Introduction: Make a Cotton String Rug

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When it come to projects - the bigger, the better, and that applies to my crochet as well. I have been wanting to make a cotton rug for ages but didn't want to sit forever with thin cotton thread and tiny hook. So, as usual, I decided to go big by making my own super-sized crochet hook.

I choose cotton string for this project because it's 100% natural and cam be dyed in any colour, as well as easy to wash, either by hand or in the washing machine. If you want to you can easily dye to any colour, and if it gets wet it will dry quickly. I'm thinking that my first rug will go into the bathroom. But then again, I also need one for the bedroom. Guess I will have to make more than one.

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Step 1:

You will need 25mm diameter crochet hook, some thin cotton string and a large tapestry needle to sew the mat together once you've finished the crochet chain.

To make the 25mm diameter crochet hook I used a regular 25mm pine dowel.

Step 2:

After drawing the basic shape onto the dowel, I used my Dremel MultiTool to carve and shape the hook part.

To be honest, it only took me about 30 minutes to make the crochet hook and it's a nice size to work with. Anything smaller and it gets trickier!

Step 3: Making the Chain

I started with a creamy-white colour for the inner circle and then changed to a taupe colour for the outer circle. The rug is made using a continuous chain stitch that is sewn together to create the circle shape.

Step 4:

Use thin string to sew your rug together, because normal sewing thread will only break and your rug will unravel.

Step 5:

Here is what the finished cotton string rug looks like.  It measure just under one metre in diameter and is the perfect size for my bathroom.  You can make your rug as large or as small as you like.  You will find more pictures on - so please pop in for a visit some time.

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