Make a Custom Chopper From Empty Cold Deink Cans.




Introduction: Make a Custom Chopper From Empty Cold Deink Cans.

Create your own custom Chopper model entirely from waste !!.and in very less time .The project is not at all difficult to make and requires only 4 empty pepsi/coke/soda cans  an empty gel pen refill and some tape.

NOTE : 1 -my images explain better than my text !

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Step 1: The Blueprint.

so here is the blue print of the Harley Davidson Chopper.We dont need to make the chopper exactly the same , just take an idea.
the material required are:
4 aluminum cans
one empty gell pen refill
1 pair of scissors ( any scissor will do , i used plant scissor)
one roll of transparent tape/gorilla glue
one screw driver.

Step 2: THE WHEELS !!!

TWO wheels are to be made.
we fant the bottom of four cans .Cut the bottom of the cans. about 2 cm high.tape them(see the images for help )
you can add alloys to them cutting the alloy shape  and vrooom your wheels are ready !!!
For the axle, cut two 5cm parts from the  empty pen refill .
Make a hole in the middle of the two cans (you can use screw driver to do it)
The hole should be big enough to let the refil-axle pass through it .

Step 3: The Frame : Part 1

Look at the blue print again .
we need to make the frame like that.
first of all we will make the rods for it.
to make the rods cut the can into 14 and a half centimeter lengthwise and 4 centimeter breadth-wise piece .
take the refill and roll the piece over it ( see the images)
now remove the refill from the rod formed.
make 6 rods of same kind.

Step 4: The Frame : Part 2

now press the ends of the rod and make a hole in both the ends.
do this to the 4 rods
now press and make a hole in only one of the end.
do this to two rods.

attach the wheels to the rods using gel pen refil parts we prepared earlier.
bend the rods and make a frame as shown  in the pics.tape it where necessary.
see the pics.

Step 5: THE Accessories

make a seat and a a mud-guard and other accessories you engine etc
tape them on the bike and your bike is ready.

NOTE: this is my first instructable i apologize for any mistake i have done.

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Very nice! The wheels are so well made that I thought they were bought! I was about to suggest you to make them just as you've done ...


    9 years ago on Introduction

    nice job! this is so awesome, i love motercycles, and i have always wanted to make one, and now i can without buying anything. 5*