Make a Custom NES Game.




Introduction: Make a Custom NES Game.

Here is how to make a NES mod. This can take only 30 seconds if you know what your doing. If you don't it may take a few minutes, but none the less, it is easy, fun, and free. All software can be downloaded in one convenient pack from:



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    This video is a bit short and really doesn't help someone get started modding the game. Giving a better/more in-depth example and step-by-step written instructions might also help prevent people from thinking this is just a spam posting for your site.

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    The video was originally for the Forbes video contest, and it can't be more than 30 seconds, so it was the best I could do. I don't even have advertisments on my site so its not really like I have anything to gain. If someone were to want a more in depth look into the modding, they can contact me or look at my site. I created the site just to share my love of modding NES stuff, ok. So next time you want to bash someones video that they worked hard on, maybe do a little research about what your attacking.

    I did do some research before posting my advice recommending that you add a bit more content. I was only trying to be helpful, and wasn't attacking at all. The fact that you signed up the day you posted a prominent link to your site in what some would consider to be a drive-by instructable warrants a little constructive criticism.

    As I said, adding some more content, even a step-by-step in writing in a little more detail than your video will go a long way toward improving your post. Where do I get the editing tools? Why do I want to go to 00005E0? What other areas give interesting results?

    As I said, the video was made for the Forbes video contest, so I could only have a 30-second video. Sorry I wasn't descriptive enough for you. I tried to be as thorough as possible, but there is a limit, and I thought the video was enough for most people, after all, I assumed most people on this website would be able to figure it out. And it is, technically promoting my site, but at the same time, the only reason I put a link to it was because I put the software you would need there in one convenient .zip file, and it is very prominent on my homepage, so you don't actually have to look around unless you want to. This was my first video I have made, so sorry if it wasn't to your standards, but I am now working on a series of full length instructional videos that go more in depth on modding, so once those are out, I will publish them here. As for calling it a drive-by Instructable, well remember its original purpose: the contest.