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Introduction: Bloody Finger Stump!

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 On the search for the perfect halloween costume I have come up with (after adapting other instructables) a great way to make a chopped of finger effect using bubble gum and a bit of make up/chalk pastels! Hurrah!

Step 1: You Will Need:

 1-2 sticks of chewing gum (I used Juicy Fruit)
a selection of chalk pastels (but you could use make up)
some fake blood (I used a poster paint/jam mix)
a hand

Step 2: Prepare Gum

 Basically you chew the gum, fully bend over your finger at the knuckle, apply the gum to the knuckle and smoothen down the sides.

Step 3: Apply Chalk/Make Up

This is mostly trial and error. Try lots of combinations and make sure you add it to the finger too.

Step 4: Rate and Comment

 Please rate and comment people - this is my second instructable and I have entered it into the halloween contest so constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated.



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    16 Discussions

    So do I cut the finger off with a power tool or knife?  And do I apply the juicy fruit directly to the open wound or should I let it heal? 

    4 replies

    To get a realistic look, you need to use an axe. Or a cleaver.

     Just to clarify - the below comment is a joke. Please don't chop off your finger and if cammel8's comment was a hint to the slight unclearness of this instructable then that has been changed.

    Damn it, damn it, damn it..... now you tell me..... wish I would have known sooner.  Anyone know if there is an instructable on how to stop bleeding and how to sew appendages back on? 

    My rich imagination: imagine walking into a full office room with that finger stump, holding a piece of sausage with a nail painted on it and at one end and some fake blood smeared on its other end in your other hand, and holding a small piece of cloth dripped in red water and slightly squeezing it in the hand with the fake stump, so it drips, and asking calmly where you can get some ice.

    Step 1: Chop off finger
    Step 2: Enjoy extremely realistic effect. xD

    You look like Frodo Baggings after Gollum bit his finger off lol same finger and all!

     This is really cool. Is there some way to make the bent finger less visible?

    1 reply

     I'm not too sure. I did try zip ties to keep the finger down but it nearly cut off the blood flow to my finger. I think one just needs to do some finger exercises to make them more supple and bend down further. Sorry - can't help you much more than that.

    Man, that's really effective. It looks absolutely real. I was scanning through the instructable to find the part where you say "This Instructable is only for people who have already lost a finger and need to bloody it up."


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    Ha, that actually looks pretty awesome! and quick too : )