Make a Fish Hook Into a Lip Ring (or Vise Verse)

Introduction: Make a Fish Hook Into a Lip Ring (or Vise Verse)

I got my lip pierced some time ago and decided it would be cool to have a fish hook as a lip ring for this fishing trip I was going on this summer. I looked for various fish hook like lip rings on the internet and didn't really find anything worth getting. So I decided to make one. First I thought about making a fish hook into a lip ring by getting rid of the sharp bits and maybe even adding a lure. Which I'll still do however, fish hooks not being made up of surgical steel this could lead to infection problems.(not to say it won’t work but, it probably shouldn't be worn for a long period of time.) Therefore the other slightly more hygienic solution I came up with is taking an already existing lip ring and attaching a fishing lure to it. Both variations are covered here.

Note: the one with the fish hook kind lays sideways.

Lip ring (optional) I used a captive ball hoop for mine
sand paper
jewelry glue(optional)
fish hooks ( I got mine with fishing line already attached for 99 cents at Fred Meyer)
fishing lure
fishing line
jewelry pliers and wire cutters

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Step 1: Version 1

-cut a good length of fishing line and tie a knot at the end
-thread the lure on the line
-tie a knot at the top and then make a loop in the fishing line by tieing it around the lip ring
-then makeing sure the loop is secure slide the loop off the end of the lip ring
-trim off excess fishing wire and if desired secure knots with glue
- You now have a fishing lure you can use to decorate your lip ring any time you want!!

Step 2: Version 2

-take the fishing hook and use your wire cutters to cut of the sharp parts to the hook (try to get as close to the end as possible)
-now using sand paper sand down the area you just cut off the fish hook to get rid of any jagged edges
-take some fishing line and tie a knot in it and thread the lure through the fishing line just like in the previous version
-now fasten the other end of the fishing to the fish hook knotting it securely 
-trim down any excess line and if desired put some jewelers glue on the know to make it more durable!
-You know have a new lip ring!!

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