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There are a few ways to do this, but I'm going to show you the way I did it, which is fancy in every way.


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Step 1: What You Need:

  • 20 mm gold filigree bead, hollow, openings on two ends - check etsy if you can't find any locally
  • 12 inches of 18 gauge silver wire, preferably sterling silver or plated
  • chain of choice
  • jump rings
  • closures
  • small jeweler's pliers, one flat, one rounded/straight circlip (you can buy these at most craft/bead stores)

I've included a close ups of the bead to give you a better idea of what to look for. :)

Also important to note - I bought my chain in bulk and cut it to size. 16-18 inches of chain seems to be a good length for this necklace!

Step 2: Working With Wire!

It's very important to get used to working with the wire before you start. I highly recommend trimming a piece of wire 6 inches or so in length and playing around with bending it and making loops.

Loops are the hardest bit, so I've included pictures below and a little walkthrough to help you through it.

Bending loops:

  1. Start with a small length of wire and your rounded pliers.
  2. Clamp the wire where you want the loop to be. (The farther up on the pliers, the smaller the loop... the lower, the bigger.)
  3. Bring the end of the wire to the right around the side of the pliers facing you.
  4. Open the pliers and rotate the loop so the ends of the wire are on either side, and where the wire loops is clamped between the pliers.
  5. Clamp down to seal the loop.

Step 3: Starting the Necklace.

Thread the wire through the holes in your bead, and bend the wire gently up and into a teardrop shape, ends together so that you can make sure the bead is in the middle.

Once you're sure of the placement, gently bend the wire up at a sharper angle right next to the bead so that it stays in place.

You can see how this looks in the photos below.

Step 4: Bend the Tips of the Wings.

Measure 1 1/2 inches from the bend next to the bead and bend the wire at that point. This handy-dandy enter key I stripped from a keyboard is a great guide.

Once the wire is bent, put the point of the bend in your pliers and clamp down to make it more pointy. Repeat for the other side.

Note that the finished product looks a bit like a creepy spider. We'll fix that. :)

Step 5: Start Forming the Loops.

This is more of an art than a science. :)

You'll make three loops, each about 1/2 inch apart. Start 1/2 inch from the point in the wing and follow the loop making guide in step 2. After making your loops, bend the bottom of the wing up and over the wire near where the bead meets the first bend you made. This way you can check how your wing looks.

Do this for each side.

Step 6: Secure the Wings.

You're going to bend the end of the wire around where the wire exits the bead, right next to the first bend.

Crimp and clamp the bent ends so they look nice and hold firmly in place.

Step 7: Attach Chain and Clasp.

Cut two lengths of chain, 8-9 inches long. Make sure both lengths are the same so the necklace sits evenly.

Attach the chain to the wings with jump rings, and then attach jump rings to the opposite ends of the chain, putting your clasp on one of them.

Be gentle when working with jump rings because they are easily deformed, and make sure that they're closed firmly. Otherwise, a fine chain will slip right out.

Check the pictures for more details!

Step 8: Do Last Minute Adjustments!

Straighten any kinks in the wire, curve the tops of the wings slightly, flatten and/or otherwise mess with your loops if they're wonky. :)

Step 9: And You're Done!

Wear your Golden Snitch with pride.

Here are photos of others I've made... I think the best part about these is how every one looks a little different. :)

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2 years ago

Thats amazing! The wongs that you made look so pretty!

(Ps im acually on that page of that book (deathly hallows) right now lol what a coincidence)


6 years ago on Step 9

very cool. You could also make circles at the wing tips to make the necklace hang a little nicer.


7 years ago on Introduction

Hi jessy! I've featured your golden snitch necklace. Here is the link:



7 years ago on Introduction

What Fun! this was a quick and easy piece especially with the measurements given! I used a 12 mm vintage fillagree I had rattlin around off an old necklace and 20 gauge silver over copper Darice Craft wire (on 40% off sale at JoAnns). I lightly hammered it at the center of the wing tops and added an additional loop to the outside at the tip of the wing (where the chain attaches) to keep the chain from migrating around.

I am trying to shape up some flyer brooms out of the wire for connecitng components to simple curb chain and that is a bit of fun too. Thanks for posting the tutorial! well done pictures and instructions. Even easy for this old granny to follow :)


7 years ago on Introduction

this is what i did i kninda like the glas bead (also i couldnt find a fillagree bead lol
thanks for the ible'

2 replies

Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

Hello Tommam, i am cmpfxdesign. My family and i aquired 3 large storeage contaiiners filled with vintage beads and jewelry accessories. We have many fillagree beads and lots more. if interested, just info or more, send me an email


7 years ago on Introduction

Love it so much!I'll try it later!!!have to find the bead first!


7 years ago on Introduction

AMAZING! I love this so much. Thanks for sharing!


7 years ago on Step 9

Awesome, love the creativity!


7 years ago on Introduction

In addition to searching for beads on etsy, I'd highly suggest looking at . I've used them forever, and they have the biggest stock I've ever seen. For srs, this is the place *other bead stores* order from. Love the design!


7 years ago on Step 8

That's a clever and beautiful necklace! It makes me want to run out to Michael's right now to see if they have materials!


7 years ago on Step 9

This is so unbelievably adorable, a perfect elegant Harry Potter look. I'm gonna make this first chance I get!


7 years ago on Introduction

Very pretty...and, once you have the wings down, it wouldn't be THAT much harder to add a triangle body and WHAM, you have a christmas angel necklace......


7 years ago on Introduction

You must know someone from Hogwarts.
Very cool Snitch.