Make a Rockin Laser Cut Display!



Introduction: Make a Rockin Laser Cut Display!

About: I'm an electrical engineer interested in making stuff!

All you need is a ruler or calipers, a vector graphics program (Inkscape is free)

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Step 1: Measure

Measure the dimensions of your products

Step 2: Download Inkscape

Open your vector graphics editor (Adobe Illustrator, CorelDRAW). You can download Inkscape for free, if you don't have one.

Determine the geometry for each panel, and begin by drawing an outline.

Step 3: Add Fingers

For .59mm plywood it is best to use fingers of .59mm. Make a .59mm square and position it in one corner

Step 4: Copy the Fingers Along the Whole Side

Step and repeat all fingers, spaced .59mm apart

Step 5: Merge the Fingers to the Panel

Weld all the pieces together in one piece, then offset the piece outward by 0.01mm to compensate for the KERF (the material that the laser would incinerate)

Step 6: Delete Old Object

After the offset, break the contour apart and delete the original shape.

Step 7: Repeat for Every Panel and Submit Design to

Repeat for every panel. Remember that where you have fingers on one panels, you should have holes on another panel (you can line up pieces to make sure they fit right)
After you are done with the design, submit your vector file to

Step 8: Sand the Parts

After you receive your parts sand them with fine grit sandpaper (150 grit works well)

Step 9: Put the Display Together

Now you are ready to put the display together with a mallet or a small hammer

Step 10: Optional Nails

If you like belt and suspenders, hammer in a few very small nails or use clear wood glue on the inside joints. Static friction is usually more than enough to keep everything together without nails and glue.

Step 11: Load Up You Products

Now you are ready to display your product in a very professional way, with the most unique display for less than a hundred bucks from

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    this is awesome! we love the displays you made for us! this is a great little tutorial.

    jeffrey (owner)