Make a Knife Holder Without Nails

Introduction: Make a Knife Holder Without Nails

Buying one is not that expensive especially those from China.

But I wanted one that was a bit more open to allow air flow on the knives. Enclosing the knives may look nicer and even safer but I have a problem with moulds and wetness. Besides making one is part of the fun.

So here is what I wanted from a knife holder.

1) It has to be open to allow air flow to dry wet knives

2) It must not have any nails. I don't want anything to rust.

3) It must at least hold a cleaver, a bread and santoku or cook's knife (I don't have that many knives)

Step 1: What You Need

Again, I try to keep my projects the minimum cost and try to find discarded items or cheap stuff to make things.

1) Wood

2) Satay sticks or any thin bamboo would do.

3) Glue (strong type like super glue)

4) Paint (I initially didn't paint them but I painted to keep the wood from soaking moisture that can cause mould problem)

Other things are the usual simple tools. I don't have sophisticated tools. Not even a workbench.

1) drill and drill bit about the size of satay sticks diameter

2) saw

3) sandpaper

Step 2: Visualise Your Knife Holder and Measurements

I did this project without any measurements to go by. I just visualize what I wanted and started to cut the wood to length. Anyway, I will show my measurements if you want to follow them.

Mine has 5 slots, 3 slots dedicated to big knives like cleaver and 2 slots for smaller knives.

Next step subtle tips.

Step 3: Subtle Tips

1) I have big knives on the right side . I have 3 slots for big knives. These are fine. But if you notice there are 2 slots on the right side which caters for smaller knives like cook's knives but the knives stay on top part. Well, there is a satay stick which I put across mid way

2) When you angle the knife holder like this and you place the knives in the slots, the front portion will naturally stick out. So you need to put support in the front

3) Again, the knife holder at an angle will tip over. You need to a short stump to prevent the knives from tipping over.

Basically those are the subtle points I had to solve while making this knife holder. Nothing too complicated.

I just put the whole thing together and drill holes and the use satay sticks are pegs. I then give the satay stick a touch of super glue to firmly hold the wood together. Once the glue is dry, I just use a file to file down and sandpaper the whole thing.

That's it.

Oh, later I had to paint it because the wood was soaking up water. I have a small kitchen and the knife holder is next to the kitchen skin.

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