Make a Lamp From Patches Hardened Felt

Introduction: Make a Lamp From Patches Hardened Felt

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Step 1: First We Make Our Own Felt

- put some green soap in a bottle whose cap is pierced with small holes -Fill it up with hot water

- Spread the felt horizontally. Then a layer vertically. Repeat this for you as an
thick layer of felt want.
- Sprinkle the water from the bottle on the felt
- Push with your hands very carefully first. Put it in the direction of the upper layer of hair.
-Then you can rub in all directions until the material well put together.
- Rinse the cloth under the tap and let it dry. 

Step 2: Stitch Around the Pieces (with a Large Needle and Thick Thread)

Step 3: Connect the Pieces of Felt Together With Brads .. or Anything Else. Around a Skippy Ball

Step 4: When All Pieces Are Connected, Apart From the Skippy Ball, You Fold the Fabric Inside Out

Step 5: Coat the Inside With Polytex. (textile Hardener) You Can Possibly Also Create Self Fabric Hardener of Cornstarch, Water .. Etc (search on the Internet)

Step 6: Add a Lamp in the Lamp ;P

Step 7:

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Interesting lamp, but I think you need more info in the first step on how to make felt. You say "spread the felt" when I think you mean "spread the wool". More info would make this instructable even better!