Make a Laser Show With an Old Hard Drive!


Introduction: Make a Laser Show With an Old Hard Drive!


Items Needed:
Old Hard Drive
Laser Pointer (or beam)

click to 2:14 to see the actual unit in action - but i suggest you watch the whole video because the music is bad-ass.

Learn how to MAKE one here!



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    Private video?

    Great idea! But I would recommend typing out some instructions if you want some people who don't understand how this all works to be able to figure it out. I'm going to go try this now.

    4 replies

    Best use I ever saw for dead hard drives was one guy melted the housings down of a whole bunch of them and cast an entire shop of machines.

    Agreed, some instructions about where the wire leads were atttached to on the hard drive arms would be helpful.

    Video contains content from Sony Music Entertainment which is no longer available in your country??!! I cannot see video!

    Yep, more detail needed. You're driving the head solenoid with the speaker output, then using a mechanical linkage to transfer the movement to a mirror, but that would only give you 1 dimensional movement - a growing and shrinking line. How do you get the modulated circle?