Make a Mini HD Tv Set With an Ipod

I want to make a fake mini HD tv  out of my ipod, so I can use it to set up photos with my action figures so they look like they are watching TV, and so that I won't have to hold up my ipod anymore when I want to watch tv shows. Here are all the supplies used. A black foam board, the ipod touch 4g, super glue and regular tacky glue, an exacto knife, a cutting board and finally a ruler. 

Step one: with pencil, create an outline of the tv you wish to make, it will be easier if you also trace around your ipod first so you know big it will have to be. Make sure that you also cut out a window for the ipod screen.

Step two: cut out the section of outline you just created, and retrace this piece and cut it out again. However, this time cut one section of the side off of the foam for a "door" for the ipod to slide in and out. Make two of these pieces so the door/opening is large enough for the ipod to slide in. The next piece will have no window or opening on it, and it will be the backing. 

Step three: use the glue to stack the pieces together.

Step four: cut out a small circle or square to be used as the stand for the mini television.

Step five: add all finishing touches and decorations, I added a small wire on the stop for an antenna, and used a silver pen to write a parody name of sony.  

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