Make a Moving Sirius Black "Wanted" Poster With an IPad




Introduction: Make a Moving Sirius Black "Wanted" Poster With an IPad

An iPad makes for a stunning Sirius Black "Wanted" poster.  We made this for the final Harry Potter movie and got lots of comments.

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Step 1: Materials

You'll need:

* iPad (duh).
* 11" x 17" print-out of the poster.  I've attached a PDF of the poster that you can print out at Staples for 50 cents.
* Two pieces of foam board.
* Duct tape.
* Something to shoot the video.

Step 2: Shoot the Movie

Shoot the movie:
  1. I used my camera to shoot it.  It results in a slightly grainy look which I wanted.
  2. Convert it to black-and-white.  The OS/X movie editor does this easily.
  3. Upload it to the iPad.
  4. To get the movie to play continuously, put the movie in its own picture folder and start a slide show.  As long as the movie is the only item in the folder the iPad will keep looping the video.  The embedded video above shows briefly how to start it.
  5. You may want to lock the iPad into portrait mode so that the video stays oriented with the poster even if you tilt it.

Step 3: Make the Frame

Make the frame:

  1. Cut out squares in the foam board big enough to hold the iPad.
  2. Insert the iPad into one of the boards and put duct tape on both sides to hold it securely. The poster will cover the tape in the front.
  3. Glue the back foam board to the front. This holds the iPad in extra tight (don't want to drop it!) and the two pieces of foam are about the same thickness as the iPad which will protect it.
  4. Cut out the picture of Gary Oldham from the poster and glue it to the front of the board.
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    3 Discussions


    3 years ago

    I know the better one way to make such poster.
    Software RonyaSoft Poster Designer, try it to create smthng:)


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Very nice. I had pondered a while about how to do this for our Harry Potter Halloween, but using an iPad (and videoing the movie) is a very clever way to do it


    8 years ago on Introduction

    I think this is probably the single most expensive costume prop I have ever seen on Instructables!