Make a Owl Cardboard Model




How to make a owl with cardboard? If you can not get a laser cut,that is a problem! Use a pre-cuting cardboard kit,

you can do it easier!

Step 1: Preparation

Tools: Cutter knife, Ruler.Glue

Before you start,we suggest you to clear the table so the product will keep clean in the process. The cardboard was cut by laser,it is sharp around the edges.Although the chance of cutting your fingers is small,but we also suggest you to wear gloves in the process, It will protect your fingers and also make the product surface protected.

Step 2: Check the Package List .

This package contains

  • Cardboard Kit: 1 set
  • Plastic Pipe: 2 pieces
  • Glue stick: 1 piece

About the glue:

If your package was sent by air express, the glue may be not contained because of airline restrictions, if this is the case , you can buy a piece of glue in your local store, any kind of paper glue (white latex or glue stick etc.) can be alternative. In general , not every part need to be glued. Only the small parts need to be pasted. If you paste every part, it will take you a long time to finish the project and raise the chances of failure.

Step 3: Arrange  parts

Take off the parts from each cardboard,arranging them in the sequence by the number from small to large; put the parts in groups by shape and number.

When you take off the parts from the cardboard, please take care not to hurt you fingers on the edges.

Step 4: Cut the plastic pipe

Cutting method: Use the knife to scratch the pipe and then snap it along the scratch.

Try to keep the error within -1 mm. That will make it easier for you later. Also, don’t cut the pipe too long, which would increase the difficulty of assembling the product.

Cut the plastic pipe to 2* 24.3cm

Step 5: Assemble the main section

At the No.2 part,let the numbered side face upward on the table, insert two 24.3cm plastic pipes.

And put from No.3 to No.167 in ascending order.

Glue ear's part together, then glue it to owl head!

That is it!



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    4 Discussions


    4 years ago on Introduction

    This is really neat!

    How do you design your neat 3D sculptures? I think a lot of people would be interested in seeing your process! :)


    4 years ago on Introduction

    I'd love to see you share the files so this could cut this out at home. It looks amazing!