Make a Paper Notepad in 2 Minutes




Introduction: Make a Paper Notepad in 2 Minutes

A piece of A4 or letter paper can make a 8 sheets paper notepad. You can stack more of them together.

Step 1: Fold - Staple - Cut



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    ive seen this same instructable LOTS of times. i think someone is copying...

    Great idea! I also recommend using scissors to trim the edges for a smooth cut. These books make great mini-review books for students. Also see the PocketMod, a side-opening, pre-printed book using templates you choose.

    It's easier to use scissors to trim that whole side in one go. You get a cleaner edge, too.

    primitive and easy but cheap and efective, and no1 thinks of it lol not to meantion neat, thank ive been wanting to get a notepad but this works just as good ty

    I do something similar; I bend down, accross, down, and accross; staple; leaving a 1/8-1/4 inch on the "top" and "bottom" like a book. I then just take scissors and cut just barely below the bottom and above the top paper clip, and then at the edge. It takes about 1 minute. I then just take a small paperclip and clip it on the side. I carry it around with me for up to a week until I need another. I use it to keep track of everything, from HW (I'm in 8th grade), to chores, or even ideas or questions I think of. It's really handy! I know almost everyone every now and then thinks of something they need to do and privately hopes they remember later. It's about 10 or so square inches, and takes up little-no pocket space! Just remember your miniture pen! P.S: thanks for posting; and awsome drawing!

    Good and fast, perfect to go through appointments!!

    dude, this is cool

    that's absolutely amazing! It works best with coloured paper (then it looks more like an "real" notepad)

    Great! simple and handy. I made one for all my friends to keep in their car and they liked it. I stamped a small design on the upper right corner of the first page and it looks cool. Thanks!!!!