Make a Pen With Magnetic Tip

Introduction: Make a Pen With Magnetic Tip

You need a pen in your pocket and why not give that pen a nice extra feature. A magnetic tip!

Background: Every once in a while I get asked to help out with small hardware issues. (E.g. Can you help me change my NIC card etc.) As life will have it, you open the computer and unscrew the card and right when you are ready to lift the screw up, it falls back into the computer. Shoot! A quick search and you find the screw down inside the box laying in a spot that is next to impossible to get to with your fingers. Now is when your magnetic tip pen comes in handy.

Now on to the instructable.

Step 1: Parts You Need

This is what you need:
- strong small magnet
- pen (Pick a pen that you like and that is capable of holding the magnet in its tip)
- super glue (optional)
- sharp knife

Step 2: Preperation

Take the pen apart. The ink tube will need to be shortened for the space the magnet will need.

Step 3: Place Magnet Into Tip

Now place the magnet into the tip of the pen.

You can optionally put a bit of super glue into the tip to make sure that the magnet sits tight. Put all parts back together.

Step 4: Usage

Done. And you can easy lift screw and missing parts up with your special pen.

Step 5: Extra

Who does not share office space with pen-kleptomaniac co-workers. Now you can prove that the pen they took from you belongs to you. Just show them the extra feature! This pen is yours and you can prove it. :-)



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    You had me guessing here, but I see it is a barrel pen w/ cap. I always carried a click pen at work, still do now that I am retired. Trying to see if I can get any of my one-handed click pens apart at the clicker (usually metal) and put in an earth magnet I recently found (c. 12 for $2.), & put the cylindrical magnet about that size in it, w/o destroying a good pen. Now that would be cool.

    That is an Excellent idea, i kno exactly how it is. The screw always lands in the hard to reach place. I think you should add the right screw head on another pen, so u can always get in! One thing tho, im worried bout strong magnets, next to my flash drive/phone etc. ( i dont have a shirt pocket)

    1 reply

    I use a supermagnet to secure my flash drive to whatever I'm wearing, and I haven't lost a single byte of data. As for phones, just make sure that the phone doesn't use a magnetic data storage device (e.g., hard disc drive) and you'll be fine.

    Isn't it extremely dangerous(as in to lose memory) to use magnets around hard-drives in computers?

    1 reply

    Not magnets of this size. To do any damage, they'd have to be virtually touching the hard drive case. Now if it's a CRT type monitor, be afraid, be very afraid.

    Awesome! I always drop screws and stuff, now I can find them easily with this. Nice job, you could also stick some to your fridge!