Make a Perfect Valentine’s Day Wreath in Less Than an Hour

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Last-minute Valentine’s Day wreath can make the perfect statement in less than an hour.

I’m a wreath-addict. I love making holiday wreaths so much that I might start recognizing national cereal day (March 7), talk-like-a-pirate-day (September 19), and ice cream month (July) just to have an excuse to make more wreaths for my front door. But you can’t argue with making a wreath to celebrate love and Valentine’s Day. It took less than an hour to turn a ceiling medallion into this door decor.

Here’s how I made the Valentine’s Day wreath: I selected a ceiling medallion from Fypon that has a romantic texture. And, it’s made from polyurethane so that it holds up to the winter elements and takes paint beautifully.

Step 1: Paint the Ceiling Medallion

Then I spray painted the wreath with Krylon’s ColorMaster in Cherry Red. It dries in less than 10 minutes, so I could easily do one coat while I made the heart for the center.

Step 2: Print a Heart on Cardstock

I used cardstock for the heart print-out for this Valentine’s Day wreath. If I was planning to display the wreath for more than just a few days, and not on our covered porch, I’d opt for laminating the cardstock so that Mother Nature’s snow obsession wouldn’t deteriorate the paper.

Step 3: Hang and Enjoy Your Valentine's Day Wreath!

To hang the wreath, I just put a screw in the back and tied a red ribbon around it.

Simple and bold, this Valentine’s Day wreath is the perfect way to share a little love with our neighborhood and friends.

Happy Valentine’s Day!



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