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Introduction: Make a Pretty Sardine Can Box

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Hi everyone!

In this quick ible I'm gonna show you how to reuse empty sardine cans to make an awesome metal box. As you can see in the next step you will need just 2 sardines cans, a couple of hinges, a case catch and some aluminium pop rivets.

Let's start! We are losing too much time talking :P

Step 1: Materials & Tools


- sardines cans

- 2 hinges

- 1 case catch


- marking pen

- hole puncher (or drill)

- rivets gun

- aluminium pop rivets

Step 2: First of All!

WARNING! This is an important step! If you avoid it, you could cut your fingers with the inner lids!

With a little bit of patience use a pair of pliers to bend all the sharp inner lids of the sardine cans.

(You could also cut them off using a can opener, but I simply bent them inward since it was a quicker method)

Step 3: The Holes

Keep a hinge in place and use a marking pen to make 2 marks in it's holes.

In order to cut the can you could use a drill, but I decided to make the holes just by using a hole puncher and a little bit of strenght.

Finally I double checked that the holes were in the right position.

Step 4: The Hinges

To secure the hinges onto the sardine cans I used aluminium pop rivets.
They are very easy to use and the result looks very neat.

As you can see in photo #3 they give a very professional look to the outside!
I used two hinges but you could use just one placing it in the center.

In the second photo you can see how they look on the inside. They are very strong. If you don't like to see them you could cover with any kind of cloth, but I really love the DIY style so I'll keep them just like this.

Step 5: The Case Catch

As last thing use other 4 aluminium pop rivets to attach a case catch on the front following the same process.

Now you can free your imagination and decorate it however you want, for example you could paint the inside with a color, and the exterior of another color. Maybe you could also add a small padlock to keep safer whatever you will put in.

Step 6: Enjoy Your DIY Aluminium Box

I hope that you liked this really cool ible!

I love to reuse things that I could throw away in the garbage, and this is the right project!

If you liked this ible you could probably like one of my others! So check my Instructables Profile and my website!

Thank you for reading my Instructable. ;)
Feel free to comment and ask if you need to know something!




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    yeah!! If you leave it at its natural style (without painting/decoring it) as I did, it really looks like a good gift idea for fishermen!

    Thank you very much for the vote!!

    I simply washed it well with kitchen soap and hot water! If your continue to smell bad, you have to leave it full of hot water and lots of soap (better a flower/fruit one) over the night

    The next morning it will no more smell bad ;)

    I washed it well with kitchen soap! If yours continue to smell bad, you have to leave it full of hot water and lots of soap (better a flower/fruit one) over the night

    The next morning it will no more smell bad ;)

    Nice Idea! :D