Five Minute Fondue Pot

Introduction: Five Minute Fondue Pot

Craving for a late night fondue snack? If you have a garage shop, you can make a quick and easy tea cup fondue in minutes.

What you need: Material:

  • Tea cup
  • Candle
  • Nails or screws, long
  • Scrap piece of plywood


  • Drill and screw driver
  • Vice or a work piece holder

Warning: Make sure you have a way to secure the work piece for drilling through wood!

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Step 1: Make the Base

I use a piece of scrap ply wood and some long wood screws (3") to create a base by screwing through the plywood to make "legs." Place it nails side up.

Step 2: Add Candle

Add a tea light candle in the middle of the plywood base, surrounded by the screws,

Step 3: Add Tea Cup, and Enjoy

Add a tea cup on the screws/legs and your favorite fondue ingredients. Enjoy!

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