Make a Recycling Bin From a Paint Can




Introduction: Make a Recycling Bin From a Paint Can

Here is my finished trash can, you can with any pictures or designs you want though. Hope you try out my instructable, and have fun making a useless can into an awesome, USEFUL, trash or recycling bin!

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Step 1: Materials

You will need:
1. An empty paint can
2. Scissors
3. Magasines/ photos or whatever you want to decorate it with
4. Glue 
5. Blank or coloured paper for the background

Step 2:

1. Peel the label off the can, try not to destroy to because if you want a background for your collage, it is easier if you can glue the paper onto it so it fits the can perfectly. Little rips are fine, but make sure it is in one piece. 

2. Also there will be to circular holes in the label that allow the handles to be attached to the can.You will have to cut into those so that you can remove the label.

Step 3:

3. Use the label as a template and cut out enough paper to cover one side of the label.

Step 4:

4.Glue on the paper to cover the label.

Step 5:

5. Remember those two holes that the handle came out of on either side? Well you just covered them up, so cut them out again and remember to cut slits so that you can put it back onto the can.

Step 6: Collage Time!

6. Glue on some photos!

Step 7:

7. Wrap the Collaged label around the can.

Step 8:

8. Glue together the two ends.
9. Glue a strip of paper to close up the circles around the handles.

Step 9:

10. Yay you are done!

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