Make a Sanding File.

Introduction: Make a Sanding File.

I get tired of reminding my wife not to throw away old fingernail files and she gets tired of me snagging the ones that are not quite old enough to toss out. So lets make one. Your wondering why? Well not to file my fingers of course. but sometimes a sanding block is too big and just plain sand paper doesn't work either.

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Step 1: Makin the File

Cut out some flexible plastic in the shape you want. I used some plastic from an old square bucket. Cut out 2 matching shapes in foam. 2mm Fomies brand works fine. Glue it up.

Use Rubber cement to glue every thing together. Remember you don't glue it wet. coat each piece you need to glue in a very thin layer, wait til it dries then carefully press together.

Its a bit easier to cut everything a little big and trim once its glued.

Step 2: The Sanding Paper.

I chose on this one to have one side coarse sand paper. The opposite side i have some very fine sand paper and some emery cloth.

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