Make a Secret Box Into an Alarm Box

Introduction: Make a Secret Box Into an Alarm Box

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In one of my instructs i made a box into a kind of secret box. In this instruct i will add an alarm system to it. you will need these materials.
1. Battery comp with batteries
2. wires
3. buzzer or motor sound device

Step 1:

first add wires to the battery compartment.

Step 2:

next put the compartment in the box. And then attach one wire with the motor.

Step 3:

Next put the objects as shown in the pic but do not let the motor and battery wire touch.

Step 4:

After this put your boxes secret door under the the wires that are not touching see pics.

Step 5:

I could not show it but the way to make the alarm sound is to make it so the last wire lifts up to touch the motor when the box is lifted.
Explanation when the box is lifted the wire is lifted. When the wire is lifted it touches the motor causing it to turn on. If you like this please favorite and if you like my other instructs please follow.

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