Make a Seedling Net From a Body Pouf




A soap-fragranced alternative to strawberry nets.

Things you will need:

  • An old body pouf
  • A Stanley knife
  • Some seedlings you want to protect from birds and squirrels

Step 1: First, Obtain Your Pouf

I think that's what it's called. Or maybe a body buff (I don't recommend Googling that phrase). Possibly a loofah (although I thought a loofah was one of these things). Whatever, they start out tightly bound, but after a while they get all loose and ragged. You want one like this.

Step 2: Cut It Loose

The middle of the pouf should be tied up with a bit of string. Carefully cut this with a Stanley knife, taking care not to shred the netting. It should unravel in one big piece.

Step 3: Inspect What You Have

If your pouf is like the ones I've used, the netting should be in one big tube, which is what you want.

If it's not, you could still use it for garden netting but you'd have to tie it with string like you would with a regular strawberry net.

Step 4: Plant Your Seedlings

These are carrots. This part is out of scope for this Instructable :)

Step 5: Stretch the Netting Over Your Trough

Slowly work the netting along the length of the trough. Be careful, as it can be a bit delicate.

When it's covered, cut the end with Stanley. You should still have loads left for next time.

Step 6: You're Done

These seedlings should now be (a bit) bird- and squirrel-proof.

Step 7: This Stuff Is Quite Versatile

The netting is remarkably stretchy, here it's protecting some sunflower seeds in some pretty large pots.

And it smells of soap :)



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    4 years ago on Introduction

    Simple, yet remarkably effective! I wonder what the bugs thought of the strawberry scent... >;)