Make a Self Destruct Message on Your Cell Phone

This is a tutorial on making a self destruct message on your cell and send to your freinds and might freeze there phone or just extremely annoy them. All you need is a cell phone.

Step 1: Open a Message

open a new text message and write what you want to say.

Step 2: Now the Real Trick

This step might take awhile. Now you have to choose who you want to send it to by going to contacts then press done. Then reapeat that step till it looks like this.
                                          1 Megan
                                          2 Megan
                                          3 Megan
                           Then till full

Step 3: Now the Fun Part

Send the message as much as you want and your friend wont be so happy. Also once i deleted all there messages by sending it so much!!



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    3 years ago

    Useful article. Here is another web site for creating self-destructive notes.