Make a Sexy Tightey Whitey Bra!





Introduction: Make a Sexy Tightey Whitey Bra!

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Are you a trend-setter? Are you a do-it-yourselfer? Show all your friends how cool you are and sport the latest in trend-setting-do-it-yourself fashion. That's right, the tightey whitey bra has already been spotted on Hollywood's hottest like Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan. So jump on this bandwagon and make one!

Step 1: Shop for the Tightey Whitey 3 Pack.

I don't know why you'd want three of these. Maybe to have a matching top and bottom and a spare for friends. Recycling used undies is a fashion DON'T. I'm guessing that the waist size is the same measurement as the number in the bra size. Am I right?

Step 2: Cut Head Hole.

Take out your weirdest looking scissors and cut a hole in the crotch for your head. You probably don't want to make this cut symmetrical front to back. Take a look at how a t-shirt goes deeper in the front and copy that.

Step 3: Try It On!

Hold your arms straight in the air and let the underwear fall down over your body. Spend more time practicing drawing with Windows Paint. I hope this work out for you.

Step 4: Send Photos!

While you were busy making a lamp shade out of milk cartons, Rachel made a bra out of underwear and introduced Barcelona to karaoke. Now visit her site and pay homage...



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    24 Discussions

    Not a comfortable illustration to look at... lol

    Hmmm.. not quite sure what you could wear over it .. the neckline is a bit unusual, and I think hemming the neck might at least help it a bit. Maybe I just wear too many low cut tops :S Interesting idea though.

    I'm with this guy Let those puppies breathe! Viva la Resistance!!!

    Ah another blast from the past! I saw this years ago on a morning show, but they had the y-front on the back---nowadays that little access point could be stiched to put an ipod in! Also---I am all about recycle, but in this case new is for you---lol

    Lmao, true enough crash

    Continued: greater than 1.5, in which case, this might not work. Go for briefs with an average range close to your rib circumfrence?

    Since there are no fitted briefs (they come in ranges like 32-38 or something like that) that's not the worst idea, unless the ratio of the bust to rib circumfrence is <1.5, in which case... Well, anyways, you're probably more worried about the stretch waist causing marks, so find breifs that have the average range for your rib circumfrence. I'm just wondering how you could make it adjustable....