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Introduction: Make a Shop Vac Adapter

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I could not find a suitable adapter to hook up my shop vac to my new table saw. So I decided to make one my self out of wood.

Step 1: I Need a Shop Vac Adapter

The 35mm hose of my shop vac is much smaller than the connector at the table saw. Since I could not find a suitable adapter I decided to build one myself. The idea is to cut out two circels one with the diameter of the shop vac hose and one with the diameter of the table saw connector. In between this two layers I'm going to cut out two tappered circels to bridge the gap between the two other circles.

Step 2: Preparing the Wood

I am using scraps of 3 layer panels which are 27mm thick. The diameters of the shop vac hose and the table saw connector are transfered directly to the wood. For the tappered cuts I had to find the correct angle. After writing down all the measurements I used the tangent function and found that I have to set the scroll saw to an angle of 14°. An other possibility would be to make an exact plan and measure the angle with a protractor.

Step 3: Cutting Out the Circles

After drilling a start hole into all the layers, I can cut out the circles on the scroll saw. To get the right dimension for the second tappered circle, I have to wait until the first tappered circle is cut. Once this is done it can be transfered from the first one.

Step 4: Sand and Glue

Now it's time to sand the inner parts. It doesn't have to be perfect but it will help the airflow if there are no rough spots.

Once this is done the 4 layers are laminated together.

Step 5: Make a Nice Round Adapter

This would already work. But the glued up square pieces lock very bulcky. So I decided to draw an outer circle, set the band saw table to a suitable angle and cut away most of the material to get a round adapter. Finally I sanded it on the beltsander. Since this is just to make it lock nicer I eyeballed all this measurements.

Step 6: Paint and Use

To look it nicer I painted it red.

The adpater works perfect. I already made a second one for my table saw, where I had the same problem.

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    4 Discussions


    3 years ago

    very clever, I especially like how you got the 'cone' shape without a lathe (all times I googled this I kept seeing 'how to' and it was always with a lathe)

    This is really cool, thank you, Im going to make lots of these, maybe even a Y spitter so I can hook up to things to one shop vac :D

    thanks for sharing and keeping the video short and to the point :)


    5 years ago

    great idea! thanks!


    5 years ago on Step 6

    Thanks for the Instructable. I built a homemade dust collector and the transitions to a shop vac are a pain. I have a table saw that I still need adapted. Time to go take some measurements.