Make a Simple Crochet Bow

Introduction: Make a Simple Crochet Bow

This is a really simple pattern that you don't even need a needle to finish.

Step 1: Materials and Glossary of Terms

What you will need

Worsted weight yarn

A size H crochet hook



SC: Single crochet

Ch: Chain

Step 2: Beginning Rectangle

Ch 10

*Sc across, ch 1 and turn*

Repeat above until it you have 4 rows and tie off

Step 3: Adding the Middle

Insert your hook in ch 5 on the bottom and stitch 5 on the top.

make a slip knot with your yarn and pull through the two stitches

ch 1 and cut the yarn with a 12 inch tail. (exact length doesn't matter)

Pull the yarn all the way through the slip knot, tying off the yarn.

Wrap the tail around the middle.

To tie off, using your crochet hook to pull through the bottom, wrap the tail through the bugle 2 times

Depending on if you want to sew the bow on something or glue it you can leave a short tail.

Weave in all ends.

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