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Introduction: Make a Simple Hand Swing

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Rope swings, tire swings......the stuff childhoods are made of, right? Each kind/type of swing has its own unique value. This instructable will cover how to make a hand swing (sometimes called a "spinner swing").

Supplies required are, quite simply:

* 1 long piece of heavy rope (synthetic is best, as cotton tends to stretch over time)......about 25 feet should be plenty
* scissors or blade to trim rope
* 1 heavy wooden dowel, ideally about 2-inches in diameter, and about 29-inches (or so) in length
* a scrap of sand paper
* a roll of duct tape or Gorilla tape
* Your favorite tree!! (a good, sturdy branch is a MUST!)

Step 1: Prepare the Handle

You'll need to decide on the handle's length. I'll say that it REALLY needs to be a bit shorter than a yard.........that would probably be too long.

I went with about works pretty well.

Another important note: I wouldn't shirk on needs to be strong, which will require density. You don't HAVE TO use a wooden dowel, a rod/pole/lenth of iron pipe is OK, but be careful about sharp/jagged edges.

Once you've cut the dowel to proper size, you'll need to sand it to remove splinters/burrs.

From there, simply drill a hole (about 3/4 inch diameter should do it, depending on the size/weight of rope you're using) right in the center of the dowel, running all the way through.

After doing that wrap it with tape. Be generous on the tape!

From that point, insert the rope through the hole and tie it off with a bulky cluster of knots, so it won't slip back through the handle. Make certain to trim off any excess rope hanging below the handle, so it doesn't look sloppy.

Step 2: Find a Good Tree Limb

Now that the hard part is done, comes the easy part: attaching it to a tree limb!

Find a solid, sturdy tree limb. Throw the other end over the limb and tie it off (remember to allow for your child's proper height.......they should have to reach up just a smidge to get the handle!)

Tell the kids to have fun!! Make sure the area beneath the swing is clean and free of don't want any sharp sticks or metal or anything like case the child loses his grip/falls.

If you make this, please comment!!

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