Make a Solar Smoking Vaporizer




Introduction: Make a Solar Smoking Vaporizer

This is the first solar powered vaporizer for flamelessly burning of  herbs, tobacco, or even medical marihuana, or legal pot if you live in Colorado or Washington state.
Why pay your hard earned bucks for a throwaway plastic overpriced vape, when your solar one will do the job indefinitely, and also perform many other functions.
I like to play with my satellite solar dish (a standard tv dish covered with mylar or reflective material), and come up with new and novel ways of using it.
A TV dish is one of those 'after collapse' tools you can make if you have one on your roof, or can find one on a neighbor's house.
MIne is 38" wide by 28 inches high, and will heat a chunk of iron to about 600 degrees.
It also makes the perfect heat source for vaping your cannabis.
1. Simply pop a bud or two into your inhaling jar. The jar can be a clear 12 ounce juice bottle which has been cleaned and the label scraped off with a razor blade.
The hole in the cork is just to keep the pressure from building up.  Probably not really needed.

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2. Place the bud and jar into the focal point, and in about 3 seconds your bud will be putting out some smoke.  Simply wait until the jar fills, and then inhale and hold the remaining smoke in with your thumb.  (do not leave the jar in the focal point any longer than about 15 or 20 seconds, as it may get hot enough to shatter.  If you don't get smoke by then, you're not at the focal point.)
Bet you can't inhale the whole thing...
Note this is only legal in approved jurisdictions, and while you can also smoke tobacco in it (gave it up for my health), I do not recommend or advocate that you use it as a solar crack pipe or for any other illegal, illicit, or immoral means....  This is for educational purposes only.

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    4 years ago

    Hey man it's not a vaporizer. I mean it's cool what it is but this is the same thing as lighting up and smoking it. You're burnin the bud not vaporizing it.

    Cool thing though. Definitely going to make one