Make a Spray Bottle Work at Any Angle! - I Made It at TechShop




It's a common problem. You are cleaning or spraying something in a hard to reach area and if the bottle isn't fully upright, the little tube can't suck up what little solution you have left. But it should! And it can too with a very simple and cheap solution. Turn all of your spray bottles into bottles that work at any angle, even upside-down with only a little bit of solution left. Here's how I did this in 10 min at Techshop while waiting for a class.

Step 1: Parts

You need:

A spray bottle

A very flexible tube that is the same diameter as the tube in the sprayer.

A couple of nuts

Step 2: Assembly

Assembly is very simple. Remove the top of the sprayer. The pull the tube out of the sprayer head. That is where you are going to put the new hose in. 

Using the straight tube as a reference, cut some flexible tube to about an inch longer than the current tube. This will allow it to reach anywhere in the tube.

Take the nuts and screw them onto the flexible tube. You want a tight fit. You can see that I'm using a wrench to do this. It won't work if they are sliding up and down the new tube. 

Once you have all the nuts attached, you can insert the other end of the flexible tube back into the top of the sprayer. 

That's it! Go take your new and improved sprayer and get all those hard to reach places!



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3 Discussions


4 years ago on Introduction

Talk about in-frickin-genious!!!!!! This is frickin awesome and innovative!!!


6 years ago on Introduction

That there is called a "clunk" in aeroplane modelling. It goes inside the fuel tank to keep the fuel tube under the liquid no matter which way up the plane is. Never seen one used on a an aerosol/squeeze trigger bottle though, good idea!

If you have to ask why it's called a "clunk", just shake the fuel tank back and forth and listen.


6 years ago on Introduction

"You need:
[... and]
A couple of nuts"

Why do I suddenly feel insulted?

Anyway, good idea. I think they should just make all spray bottles like this from the factory!