Make a Tennis Ball Cannon From Pringles Tubes

Pringles are good arent they, but once you have one you cant just have one, so if your sitting in a pile of pringle crumbs wondering what to do with all these empty tubes, why not make a cannon. this is an easy project thet only takes a few minuits and is great fun

Step 1: Eat the Pringles

now the technique here is very important, you must first place the pringles in your mouth and proceed to say omnomnomnomnomnom. repeat process until theyre all gone

Step 2: What You Need

now that youve eaten your pringles lets get started.
For this project you will need a few things
3x pringles tubes
gaffa tape, lots of it
Supplies for firing:
ammunition, tennis balls
Fuel, lighter fluid
matches or alternative lighting system
a skewer or other stabby thing
a strong knife, side cutters or tinsnips
Optional extras:
Something to defend yourself from angry neighbours

Step 3: Prepare the Pringles Tubes

first of all you need to preare your pringles tubes

For the first pringles tube all you need is a hole. make a hole big enough for a pencil to fit through, but no bigger, about one centimeter from the bottom.

For tube two you need to cut out the bottom. it doesnt need to be completely removed, just mostly. i only cut about one cm from the edge with tinsnips.

For tube three you need a little more pecision. you need to do the same as for tube two but leave enough of the bottom that the tennis ball sits there. the rounder and more central the hole is the better

Step 4: Tape It Up

join the top of tube 1 to the bottom of tube 2 with gaffa tape, then join tube three to the top of  tube 2.
now wrap the entire tube (except the open end obviously) with at least two layers of gaffa tape, and a few over the bottom to give it more strength. you may want to put an unused lid over the bottom to give it a bit more strengthening, but dont forget you will need one lid to fire it. remember where the hole is so you can make a hole through the gaffa tape.

Step 5: Ready, Aim, FIRE

thats it, your done now onto the firing.

first of all you need to find somewhere to fire it. this space needs to be very big or with high walls and free from living animals flammable objects or people (ones you like anyway).

now find something to stand it on, hopefully i dont need to tell you that 45o is the optimum angle. on a good firing there can be a substantial recoil, so it might be a good idea to wedge it against say a brick.

now you must measure out your fuel. this is the most vital part of the firing process. a few drops can make the difference between 2 and 20 meters. i would recomend you start off with about half a teaspoon of lighter fluid just to get a feel for how it works, but a full teaspoon is about the optimum level. more than a teaspoon and the mixture is too rich and it just catches fire.
pour your fuel into the top of the cannon, then quickly pop in the tennis ball and put the lid on. the more fuel reaches the bottom the better, so avoid spilling it down the sides or on the lip of tubes 3 and 2.

Step 6: Shake It Baby

now shake it up. put your finger over the hole, hold the lid on and shake for around 10- 20 seconds. you must put your finger on the hole straight after the last step or some fuel will leak out. now put it back in the desired firing position. still holding your finger on the hole remove the lid and light a match. quickly remove you finger and hold the light match to the hole. you may need to hold it there for several seconds.

once fired you must vent the hot gasses from the tube. to do this blow through the firing hole or spin the tube around to force fresh air in. if this isnt done the co2 and exaust gasses from the last firing will slow down the next.

Step 7: Spice It Up

Not good enouph? try these tips

1) wadding- wrap the ball in newspaper for a tighter fit and increased range
2)Flame balls- give your ammo a liberal dousing with lighter fluid before each firing for Flaming balls of fire
3)use tip 2 in conjunction with highly flammable targets for extra destruction.

Thats it guys, hope you liked it, have fun and try not to kill anyone

PS if anyone has an idea for explosive ammunition pleeze tell me.



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