How to Make a Towel or Coat Rack.



Introduction: How to Make a Towel or Coat Rack.

The old towel rack in our bathroom had to go. It was too small and falling apart. Everything that a rack shouldn't be. As the title says this could be used for hanging towels, coats or just about anything else that belongs on a hook but for my purposes it is bath towels. Sure I could just go buy another mass produced one but it wouldn't be exactly the way I want it and you wouldn't have the joy of reading this instructable so off we go!


A piece of lumber. I used 3/4" 5"w x 3'L left over from another past project = >$1
(4) hooks 2 in a package = $4
paint = left over from an previous project $0 or use spray paint $1
some long multipurpose or drywall screws = >$1

A saw. Circular, table, hand, band will all suffice.
A drill
(1) 1/8" drill bit
(1) 1/2" drill bit
paint brush or sponge
router & round over bit

Step 1: Cut the Board to Size.

Cut the board down to 18" x 3". I used a table & compound miter saw, you can use any type of saw that will provide a nice straight cut.

Step 2: Round Edges & Sand.

Round all edges slightly using a 3/4" router bit set so that it only makes a small round. After rounding the edges use a hand block sander to smooth the surface and edges. If you don't have a router you can simply sand the edges until they are slightly rounded and smooth.

Step 3: Arrange Hooks.

Next arrange the hooks. I spaced mine 4" from each end then two in the middle slightly closer together. My wife has two towels so she will use those. I ended up placing them in this order: 4" from left end, 4" from 1st hook, 2" from 2nd hook, 4" from 3rd hook.

Step 4: Trace Around Hooks & Drill.

Next, trace around all hooks with a pencil. This will ensure that you will be able to place each back in its selected position. Also, shade the screw holes on each end hook.

Now using a drill with the 1/2" bit drill a hole withing the traced area of each end hook place 1/4" deep. This will allow for the screws to be thoroughly recessed below the hook. Now, you could just simply sink the screws in without having to drill this larger hole however by taking this extra step it will give you the option to use a larger screw or lag bolt if ever needed.

Now using the 1/8" drill bit, drill a hole in the middle of the recessed hole area on each end hook placement. This will be used for the actual screws to mount the rack to the wall.

Step 5: Attach Hooks & Paint.

Now place each hook in its preselected position and attach them with the screws that they came with.
Once each has attached remove all of them.
Paint the entire board with a paint of your choice. Spray paint or internal latex are both suitable depending on what you have available. Allow to dry until it is no longer tacky. I gave mine a light coat of clear coat also.

Step 6: Attach to Wall.

Now, start a screw on each end in the predrilled holes. Line up on the wall and drive each screw fully into the wall. Using a screwdriver attach each hook to the rack with the provided screws. The screw holes should be just visible from when you previously attached each hook making them easier to mount. Also, you will notice that since the mounting screws for the rack are placed underneath each end hook the only visible screws are those for the hooks making a much cleaner appearance.

For around $6 and a little time you too can have a rack made to your specifications without a lot of effort.
Thanks for reading my Instructable!

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