Make a Unfinished Wood Tray Fabulous!

Introduction: Make a Unfinished Wood Tray Fabulous!

About: I am a stay at home Mom and wife of a coalminer . we love creating things and saving money by making old things into something new and exciting. projecting is a passion of mine. I have 2 daughters under 10...

Take an unfinished wood tray and turn it into a fashionable vanity tray. Made these for a friend's birthday whose initials are C.C.

unfinished wood tray
hot glue gun and glue
paint or spray paint
vinyl fabric
contrasting fabric (trays are small enough that scrap fabric is all you need)
any extra bling,studs,sequins,buttons or decoration to embellish to your taste.
a compass
Project difficulty is easy and can be done in an hour.

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Step 1: The Wood Tray

I went to the crafting section of a major chain store and bought these wood trays unfinished and premade. They were inexpensive and came in different sizes. I chose 2 and the smaller one fit neatly inside the other. since I gave them as a gift, this was awesome when putting in a small gift box.

Step 2: Paint the Tray

I like to use what I have at home for my crafting projects so I found this black spray paint. You can paint them with paint from a can or how you prefer. This was handy, simple, and it worked.

Step 3: Place Fabric on Inside of Tray

After the painted tray is dry, you will need to line the trays bottom. Since I was giving it as a vanity tray, I chose a vinyl material. that way any spills from makeup or such could be wiped off. With the painted side down on the fabric, trace around the tray. since we traced outside the tray and it is going inside, we must take a ruler and go inside the traced line a half inch to make it fit. I measured and marked that half inch then just drew the lines with a ruler using the traced line as my guide. Now we can cut it out and hot glue it inside the Tray. place your hot glue on the Tray, line up the fabric piece, press down on it to adhere it to the tray bottom and make sure there are no lumps by smoothing it out.

Step 4: Embellishing the Tray

I wanted this tray to look girlie yet classy for someone who was turning 25. I had a bunch of flat back diamonds so I put a tiny dab of hot glue on the wood where I wanted them and pressed them in place all around the tray at even intervals. next I took a compass and made a pattern on paper for the C initial design. I then traced it onto a faux leather like material I had scraps from a previous upholstery project and cut it out. I applied hot glue to the back of this and positioned it in the middle and pressed it down on the fabric bottom. How you decorate your tray is to your taste but I think this tray is a masterpiece. I then made the small tray using the same steps but made the embellishments a little different but not so different that it doesn't look like it was meant to be a set.

Step 5: Using Your Tray

These trays are great for a bathroom vanity so you can keep your beauty products at hand. I think perfumes would look great in them. Use them on your bedroom dresser or nightstand as a jewelry catch all. You could even hang them on a wall. I gave these as a gift and my friend loved them. She was shocked when I told her they were handcrafted. So go to it and create Fabulous trays darling! Enjoy.... thanks for viewing my project and please like if you think its as awesome as I do.

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