Make a Very Simple Insect Robot Toy

Here is very an easy way to make your own insect robot. You can easily change the shape of legs and see different funny and interesting movements of this bug robot. you can make 4 legged or six legged insect. Follow the instruction, add your own idea on top of it and make yourself.

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Step 1: Components/Part Necessary:

1> Vibration motor used in mobile phones (in-case you don't have, make you own as shown below)

2> LR 44 – 1.5V Battery

3> LR44 battery holder

4> Jumper pin / small switch

5> Vero board/ General purpose PCB

6> Resistors of any value to make the legs – 6pcs

7> Soldering iron / kit to mount and connect all on PCB

Step 2: Schematic:

Step 3: Handmade Vibration Motor :

Most vibration motors consist of a
small DC motor with an unbalanced weight at the shaft, as shown in the left side image. If you have a DC motor then by attaching an unbalanced weight ( here one screw at one side of the shaft) to it you can make your own vibration motor.

Step 4: Step by Step Video Instruction:

Step 5:

Make your own robot and enjoy.

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