Make a Web Browser in Visual Basic




Introduction: Make a Web Browser in Visual Basic

Im going to teach you how to make a web browser in Visual Basic 2005.

Step 1: Starting

Open Visual Basic and start a new Windows Application.

Step 2: Adding the Tools

Add a:

Text Box
Web Browser
5 Buttons

in that order.

Step 3: Arranging the Pieces Right

Arrange them like this and rename them like I did.

Step 4: Now for the Code

Double click on the form and type in:
Me.Text = "Web Browser"
like this:

Step 5: GO Button Code

double click on the Go button and type in:

Step 6: Back Button Code

Click (actually double click) on the back button and type in:
like this

Step 7: Forward Button Code

Double click on the forward button and type in:
like this

Step 8: REFRESH Code

double click on the refresh button and type in:
like this

Step 9: HOME Button

Double click on the home button and type:
like this

Step 10: Try It Out

Click on the Debug button

Step 11: Publishing It

Click on build
then click on publish and keep clicking next
like these three pictures Im putting up

Step 12: You're Finished!

you've finally created a web browser! now give yourself a hand and go sell it online or something.

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A problem many of you may have with an expected end of statement is that you need a semicolon to end the statement. So instead of


you would have to type


Other than that this was a great tutorial!

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click on any button, on right side their property shown, go to the text property and rename button name

nevermind i figured it out

how do I rename t the buttons?

how do I rename t the buttons?

here's mine


I would point out that the "WebBrowser" control is effectively an embedded Internet Explorer, so you are really creating a "skin" for the browser rather than creating your own, but that is picking nits- this is a simple but effective project. If only real browsers had controls that minimalist...

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You have to click on the form and in the bottem right corner click on text and type in the name and press enter.

Now, see, if the WebBrowser control was Firefox rather than Internet Explorer I would totally use that- I could do without losing 110 vertical pixels of my pathetically tiny monitor.

You can download that. It is called Mozilla Browser control - you can download the DLL somewhere but I can't remember

actually, it's called geckofx.

forum website:
main website: 

No. There's one available from Mozilla called Mozilla Browser Control. Google it.