Make a Zinc-air Battery!

Introduction: Make a Zinc-air Battery!

It's an Instructable with a story!  What happens when RickGyver suddenly finds himself in the middle of a zombie apocalypse?  He jury rigs his way around the problem of course!  This series puts a fun fictional situation around a DIY project video.  The project featured in this video actually works and you can build it yourself!



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    That is a good question. I made this battery one night and the next day it had a much lower voltage even though it wasn't hooked up to anything overnight. There were obviously some reactions happening overnight though since the water was more green the next day. It may have "recharged" by sanding the metal pieces off but I didn't get to test it. Of course battery life also has to do with how much current you are pulling too. I'm thinking of doing a follow up video that looks at the chemistry of this battery and talks about how and why it works so I can get some ideas of what might work better.

    Love these instuctables with a story please keep them coming

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    Thanks Samuel! I intend to keep going with this series. I just have to come up with more ideas that fit into the story!