Make an A-line Tee Out of a Fitted Tee




Introduction: Make an A-line Tee Out of a Fitted Tee

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Hey all! In this instuctable I will show you how to add a side insert to a tee to make it have an a-line fit that flatters every figure!

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Step 1: What You Will Need...

Tee Shirt

Fabric for inset, 1/2 yard is plenty!




Oh almost forgot! Seam ripper (not pictured!!)

Step 2: Cutting the Tee...

To start, take your tee and fold it in half matching up the side seams and underarms. Using the hem to get a straight line along the side of the tee measure 1 1/2" in at the side seam under the arm and cut a straight line from the hem to within about 1/2" of the armhole. (If you used a fitted tee your bottom might measure more than 1 1/2" and that is ok! You are just looking for a straight line from the hem to the armhole. ;) Now using the seam ripper remove the stitches that hold the sleeve to the body. Go a little beyond where your body cut is so you have enough seam allowance to add the new side piece! Once you are done taking out the stitching finish cutting off the sides of the tee. This piece is the base of your side panel pattern. Now cut from the hem of this piece to within about 1" of the underarm, and move on to the next step!

Step 3: Cutting the Side Inset...

Take the fabric you chose for the side panel and fold it in half selvedge to selvedge. Use the side of the tee you just split from hem to almost armhole and place on your fabric. You will need to decide here how a-line you want your tee to be. (I like my tee's a bit roomy around my mid section so I always add at least 3-4" onto my hip measurement to decide on how flared the side panel should be) Add extra to the hem and side seams for seam allowance as you cut and go ahead and cut the inset out! Be sure to notch where your underarm seam is so you can match that up with the sleeve in the next step!

Step 4: Start Yer' Sewing!!!

To start sewing place the inset onto the tee shirt right side to right side like shown in the picture. At the hem, fold the hem allowance over the stitched hem of the tee as shown and stitch through all the hem layers. When you have finished stitching and fold this over, the hem edge will look nice and crisp. This also allows you to not have to undo the hem stitching which always causes me to rip a hole in my tee's! (Also, then you only have to hem the inset later...) Do this same step for all the rest of the side seams, and then hem up those side panels! When you are done, stitch the sleeve back onto the shirt matching the under arm seams with the underarm notches on the side panels. Then give your new tee a fine, steamy press! Remember to only press up and down with lots of steam on a knit fabric. (In other words, don't drag your iron across the fabric because this can stretch a knit out! ) Now turn your new tee right side out and....

Step 5: Finito!

AND voila! A new a-line tee for you, by you! Hope you liked this Instuctable and found it useful! Maybe even throw me a vote in the T-shirt Transformation Contest? Check out my other tee shirt modifications/hacks if you are interested in making tee shirts fit better and HEY! Thanks for looking!!!

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