Make an Airsoft Gun for Less Than $3!

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Have you ever dreamed of making an airsoft gun with a budget of less than $3? I know I sure have, with all of the expensive airsoft guns there needs to be a solution to build a very cheap gun that still fires like a regular airsoft gun. Fear no more, because this instructable will inform you on how to make a airsoft gun for less than $3! I have never worked with airsoft before, and this is a real switch up for me! Hope you enjoy!

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

You will need;

-A cap gun (I bought a two pack of the superbang cap guns, some other cap guns might work, but not all of them)

-Airsoft bullets


-A drill

-And a saw

Step 2: Ammo Holes

Take the green thing in the center of the cap gun, and on the opposite side of where you put the caps in, there should be eight holes. Once you find them, drill the sides little bigger, so the airsoft bullets will fit snugly into the holes, preventing them to fall out. To find the right size of hole you need to fit your airsoft bullet, drill a little bit, and see if the bullet can fit in, if it can't, repeat. If the bullet easily slips in, you have drilled the hole to much, and must try on your other gun. Once you have drilled all of the holes, fill the holes with airsoft bullets, then insert the caps onto the other side. Your ammo is now ready to go!!!

Step 3: Fixing the Barrel

There are many different cap guns, so check the barrel. If it is hollow, and only on the front it is covered, saw the very tip of the cap gun off. If the barrel is filled, drill a clean hole through the dead center of the barrel, that the airsoft bullet can go through. Make sure nothing will interfere with the bullet on its travel through the barrel.

Step 4: Finishing Touches

Once you have completed the previous steps, insert the ammo holder into the cap gun. This is now a live weapon, do not point or shoot it at anyone! Simply pull the trigger to shoot the gun. When you have fired all your shots, take out the ammo holder, pull out the used caps and insert a new round. Also refill the eight holes where airsoft bullets were, and you are good to go. Have a fun time!

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    3 years ago

    damn! you've done exactly what i wanted to present. i have done this some years ago and just found the pieces. its a different cap gun but it works in the same way. it's pretty cool as it come with the noise and its useful in a airsoft fight cause you dont have to reload and its very small. very good and easy project!


    3 years ago

    lonestar made a during spud gun that worked on this principle even a point blank with a double charge of caps I don't recall it being more than a sting