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Introduction: Make an Aluminum | Brass PEN

-what is up everybody, In this tutorial I am gonna show you how to build a nice looking aluminum and brass pen on a lathe that is a perfect gift for anyone.

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Step 1: Idea and Modeling

- I have always wanted to have a pen that is something special, something that no one have in their pocket.. But main problem was that those special pens are all very expensive so I decided to make one by myself.

- As always, I firstly construct everything in a solidworks to see how it is going to look like in reallife and to have a plans which I can access anytime while building the pen. IF you are interested in how I construct it in solidworks you can click on a link below:

Here is a link of drawing of the pen :

Step 2: Material and Building..

-For this project you are gonna need a 10 mm in diameter aluminum and brass rod.

-With my handsaw I cut 4 aluminum and 4 brass pieces which will serve as the segments of our pen.

-Then I flatten the cutted ends of each piece and because my rods were a bit too large i had to make them exactly 10 mm in diameter.

- After that, I thinner the ends of each piece so they can later assemble like a puzzle.

- Front piece of the pen needs to be cut at 10° angle while the tip shouldn't become tinner more than 4 mm.

- When that was done, I drilled 3 mm hole through most of them and 6 mm hole at the back of each piece.

- also a 2 mm hole was drilled so the pen refill would stop when pushed till the end.

- A small chamfer was added to each piece and and now we are finally ready to cut some threads.

Step 3: Thread Cutting and Putting All Together

- Put a little bit of thread cutting oil and slowly cut both threads.

- I also cut a M6 screw and drill a 3mm hole through it. The screw will serve as a connector between two parts of the pen.

- To bond pieces between themselves I have used a Loctite 648 which is a special glue that was designed for bonding of cylindrical fitting parts.

- I apply the glue to every piece and clamp the whole section in a bench wise.

- The glue needs 24 hours to cure completely and after that I thinned the whole pen to 9 mm and round the end so it would look a bit more professional.

Step 4: Polishing and Final Touches

- I cut a few grooves where you normally hold the pen so it doesn’t slip out of your hand when you use it.

- Our final step is to sand the whole pend and polish it for better and nicer finish.

- It really feels good to have such smooth pen in your hands, especially because it is heavier than usual pens.

- I also made a plastic cap behind the scenes so you can cover the tip and store it safely in any pocket or case.

That would be all, thank you for reading this instructable, If you like it please also consider clicking on the video below of how I made it and enjoy great music.

Thank you all!!!

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    7 Discussions


    3 years ago

    Nicely done! I still have an old brass and aluminum salt and pepper shaker from high-school. The salt shaker cannot be opened even without locktite. I think the salt and two different metals created some sort of electrochemical reaction that makes it impossible to undo - without damaging the shaker.

    I also like the background music. Would also appreciate the name of the tune or album. :)

    Jakes  workshop
    Jakes workshop

    Reply 3 years ago

    Hi, I am glad you like it :) That is interesting you can't open it, this is probably because of the salt.

    Music: [No Copyright Music] Good For You - THBD -


    3 years ago

    Looks amazing, wish I had more spare time at my school's workshop to be able to make this myself.


    3 years ago

    whats name on video this music ı like it
    can you write me name sons thanks


    3 years ago

    Cool - I like it!


    3 years ago

    very nice