Make an Aluminum Earphones Holder




What is up everybody, In this video i will be machining an aluminum earphones holder that organizes ear pods so you wont have to unravel them every time you pull them from a pocket.

Step 1: Modeling

- So, to start this project we are gonna need a large aluminum rod at least 40 mm in diameter.

- I use a handsaw to cut a 25 mm piece and I must say that was a good workout.

- If you are interested in how I build it in solidworks you can click watch this video:

Step 2: Machining

- Now once we have our piece I flatten both sides and mark the position of the groove.

- I slowly cut a groove to a 35mm diameter with a cutout tool. This will generate a lot of heat so after some time let it cool down for a bit and then continue with the work.

- For the inner hole I used 30 mm hardened steel drill and so as before I needed to cool down the part a few times while drilling because lot of heat were generated during the procedure.

- Now I cut off the excess material and made a small chamfer on every edge of our holder.

Step 3: Making Grooves and Final Polish

- I used a file to make a few grooves for the earphone's cable and then finish it with a smaller file for nicer look.

- After that I polish outside faces with polishing machine as much as I could and continue with a dremel tool with which I polish remaining inner faces and places I couldn't reach before and there we have it.

Step 4: How to Use It

- I really hate that every time I take the earphones form my pocked they end up being bounded so I need to spend a minute or more to unravel them.

- So this is why I decided to make a holder. It is easier to ravel and unravel them and It also looks way cooler to have them stored on aluminum ring.

- It is also very light and compact to handle, the only thing I would change is to add a few more grooves for the cable but that is optional.

-If anyone is interested in earphones I have used, I must say that the quality of the sound is excellent for a 4$ earphones. Here is the link if you want to get one:

I hope you like that instructable, please leave some comments if you have any suggestion how would you improve/change it.

Step 5: Watch a Video



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    6 Discussions


    2 years ago

    i wonder if you could cast this using a styrofoam method


    2 years ago

    I got these earphones too and I must admit they are pretty good for the price they cost


    2 years ago

    use coolant to keep yourself from needing to let it cool down!