Make an Awesome Clock Using Lolly Sticks!





Introduction: Make an Awesome Clock Using Lolly Sticks!

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Lets make a really cool clock using beads and lolly sticks! Also don't forget to check out my video at the end of this intractable!

What you need-

Quarts clock movement kit

Lolly sticks - 44+

Pony beads of chosen colour - 84+


Bottle lid


Step 1: Prep

I used 44 lolly sticks in total and around 84 pony beads easily obtained on-line or from a crafts shop. also purchased a quartz clock movement kit from amazon for about £3 The quartz clock movement comes with hands and is really simple to piece together.

Step 2: Treading the Beads and Sticks

I started by drilling two holes through one of the lolly sticks. One at the very end, about 5mm from the edge and the other about 20mm in from the other end. I used the first stick as a guide to drill through the others. I then used string to thread the sticks followed by a black and a white pony bead in between.

Step 3: Lacing and Adding the Center

I then threaded another length of string through the inner holes as shown. After that I left two of the sticks without beads in between and laced the string through and around both sticks and tightened it together. Next I found a lid from a milk carton that fit perfect in to the centre. I filed it down and drilled a hole through the center. The hole needs to be the same size as the screw on the quartz clock movement kit.

Step 4: Add CD and Quartz Movement

I glued the carton lid in to the centre and then also glued a mini CD to the rear. This should stop it from flopping around so it can stand upright. I then screwed the quartz movement in to the centre and fitted the hands to the other side. The hands fit over different sized ledges on the end of the screw from the quartz movement.. Its pretty simple to piece together.

Step 5: Finished + How to Video!

Just add a AA battery to the back of the quartz moment and your ready to go! You can add numbers if you wish, or change the style of hands etc. Have fun!... It also makes a great coaster!

Don't forget to check out my video on this project!




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    I love this idea and will be making it for my kids. Just one question: I have not been able to find the mini CD's. Any suggestion for substitutes or a place I could find those? Thanks in advance.

    Very clever, and it looks really cool, too. Great job.

    Great I idea! will be adding this to my future projects list. I bought 3 clock kits a few years back, and I'm thinking I might try using the wood strips from a busted wooden venetian style blind that I salvaged a while ago. Thanks heaps for the "How to" :)

    Excellent, I am considering making one myself with Christmas coming it could make a great gift. Using 60 sticks sounds like a good idea, and also i was thinking of using different colored beads at the 3,6,9 and 12 locations. Great instructible.

    Very eye-catching. Now if this can be scaled up to fit exactly 60 sticks, then each stick would represent 1 minute! Could be an interesting mod. Probably need to do some trigonometry to determine the necessary size and location of the beads for that.


    3 years ago

    thanks for share


    Very, very nice. Thanks for sharing.

    Reall cool.
    I saw a clock like this in a fancy furniture catoluge for $150!

    How can you not love a project which makes use of such basic materials yet ends up looking like that!

    that is so cool I love it thanx for sharing