Make an Easy Bird Feeder

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Intro: Make an Easy Bird Feeder

In this instructable I will be showing you how to make an easy bird feeder from a plastic water bottle.

Step 1:

You will need a water bottle and some scissors.

Step 2:

Start off by cutting a triangle shape in the bottle. Then bend it foen to make a flap.

Step 3:

Fill it up and then you are done. Mine already had a plastic piece so I could hang it from a tree. But if you don't just drill a hole in the cap, put a piece of string through, and tie a knot.



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    J SquaredA

    2 years ago

    You should be careful with that. Birds could get stuck inside when the seed gets low. I would cut off the bottom and make a series of half-circle cuts every so often near the edge. Then glue a foam plate on the bottom and now it dispenses from the bottom. Now birds won't get stuck and you'll have to refill it less.

    You can do this idea with any bottle too. :)