Make an Uber Paper Airplane


Introduction: Make an Uber Paper Airplane

Make the Avro Arrow of paper airplanes

Step 1: Parts

Parts list
1. paper
2. pen
3. scissors
4. tape (optional)

Step 2: First Fold

fold in half hot dog style

Step 3: Fold Triangles

fold the first set of triangles towards the center stop about 5mm away from center line. mark the center fold with a pen line to make it visible

Step 4: Fold the Main Shape of the Fusilage (aka the Second Set of Triangles)

fold from the center of the first triangles to line up with the center line.

Step 5: Wings!!!

fold your wings over make sure they line up

Step 6: Tail Fin

cut your tail fin but do it at more of an angle with a longer cut mine was too steep

Step 7: Vents

these vents act like intakes in an engine they speed up the air over the back of the wing makesure they line up when you cut them

Step 8: Stabilisers

they are made by folding the wings in they level the flight. line them up when floding like when you did the wings

Step 9: Stabiliser Stabilisers

these create lift and stabilise it vertically

Step 10: Take Off Checklist

1. Arm: check
2. Plane: check
3. Air: check
4. Avatiors: check

Prepare for take off
Lift off

this is my first instructable tell me what you think of it



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    20 Discussions

    LOVE the vents. Been making planes for years and never seen that before! Well done!

    somebody needs to find out how to make double tail fins so it would look like a f-14

    Great plane, great instructable. I folded some of the nose back inwards and cut off some of that abundant paper. It made the plane less noseheavy and even smoother in its flight

    Holy crap! I didn't do your "secondary wing stabilizers" (yet) but it still flies quite well. I was wondering where on the plane you would recommend using the tape. Also, the vents just seem

    1 reply

    O wait! it folds out o the bottom!

    I dont understand the tail fin what do you fold to get it?

    i agree with danny, this is a very good 1st instructable, i can hit my bros with this thing from across my house, this is very acurate. GOOD JOB!!!!!!

    1 reply

    we here at the icanryme institute are proud of our many minutes of easy R and D we put in to this plane but seriously i designed it for a tech project. it works a bit better if you make it out of cardstock. and try adding more side stabilizers for fun.

    thanks for your input I've been reading instructables for almost a year now so i learn from other peoples experience

    its confusing i got stuck on step 3 with the weird folds

    1 reply

    sorry but it was hard to take the pic without covering the folds with my hand just make the fold like you would with a nomal paper airplane