Introduction: SmartGate

At the end of this instructable you should be able to build an automated gate by programming the Intel Edison in Javascript. The gate will open when you are near the Touch Board sensor (your hand, if it is a small system like ours), and will close automatically after 5 seconds or with Bluetooth Low Energy: by having an Android Phone and the Android App(source code) we will provide, the gate will open "manually" by pressing the Open and Close buttons or simply by going near the gate.

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Step 1: Requirements

1. an Intel Edison

2. an Arduino Expansion Board

3. a Touch Board

4. two servo motors (we used those included in the Grove Starter Kit Plus)

5. followed the instructions on how to get started with Intel Edison in XDK. Here's the link.

Note: if you are a beginner, in "Step 4: Try it out", select Intel XDK IoT Edition (JavaScript) and follow the instructions to know the basics of programming an Intel Edison.

Step 2: .Program the Intel Edison in Javascript

1. Download this folder here

2. Open Intel XDK IoT Edition

3. Sign in using your Intel XDK account

4. In the lower lefthand corner of the screen, click the green icon followed by Open an Intel XDK Project.

5. Browse for the JavaScript code we downloaded and select the nodeWs.xdk file inside the NodeJS folder

6. Select your Intel Edison Device in the dropdown menu -Select a Device-

7. Run the project by clicking the green icon on the IDE (not the one with the bug drawing)

Step 3: Setup the Touch Board and the Intel Edison

This is the fun part!

Setup the Intel Edison and Touch Board by following the schematics of these pictures.

In case these photos aren't enough, we uploaded a collection of pictures here.

Note: In D3 and D6 are attached the two servo motors for the gates, which are the main goal of this instructable. Take a closer look to those, rather than the other modules.

Step 4: Setup Bluetooth Low Energy for Intel Edison

In the folder you downloaded before, there'll be a .txt file named BLEcommand. Insert those codes line by line in the Putty terminal. This will connect to only one device, which will be the same as the one you will be using with the Android App we're going to run in the next step.

Step 5: Run the Android Code

Run this Android app by using your favorite Android IDE and use the same app on your smartphone.


Note: if you have some problems, you can contact us at We'll help you with your problems related to this topic, of course :), and you'll help not only us, but also other people because we made a commitment to update this instructable and keep it alive!

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