Make an Automatic Plant Light




Introduction: Make an Automatic Plant Light

This light helps your plants grow.

I got the idea from the Garduino, but nothing is taken from it. The schematic and the program are mine.

This plant light gives your plants 4 additional hours of light per day. When it gets dark, it turns on and after 4 hours of darkness, the light turns out. The light restarts when it detects light.

Step 1: Parts

You will need:

1x ATTiny26
1x 5V Wall adapter
3x Red LEDs
1x 30ohm resistor
1x 20 ohm resistor
1x 100kohm resistor
1x 50kohm resistor
1x power socket
1x power plug

plant container

Step 2: The Pot

I used a plastic container and drilled two holes in the side. The wire goes inside those holes.
You should use some imagination and make one with the materials at hand.

Step 3: Electronics

You can't see it on the schematic, but the + of the adapter goes to Vcc and the - to GND.
The plug helps to make the light more mobile.

Step 4: Software

You should already know, how to upload a program. I've uploaded the .c and .hex files.

In the source, the 14400 (in seconds = 4 hours) tells after how many seconds it automatically turns off. You can change this number if you want.

Step 5: Putting It Together

I hot glued the board to the pot. The brown shielding on the top is to prevent the leds from turning themselves back off. That would lead to continuous blinking.

There's foam in the pot to provide a solid base for your plants. Maybe it's a better idea to use soil.

Step 6: Planting

Add some water into the pot. Try finding a plant, that loves a lot of light and put the seeds inside and leave it to grow.



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    58 Discussions

    But then you'll need sun to shine on it and if the sun's shining on it then it's won't need growth lights... Not awesomeness... More like weirdness...

    uh, sun shines during the day, charges battery, sun goes down, lights run off battery.... never seen a solar landscaping light?

    The main purpose of this is to grow plants indoors. If you're taking it outdoors than it won't need growth lights because it's already exposed to the required spectrum for the required amout of time.

    No, the purpose of this is to give plants 4 extra hours of light.

    Uhh... yes they do. Ever used a calculator with a solar panel on it? Most of the time a person will use them at their table/desk and not outside. Solar panels work inside because they turn light into electricity (hence the name photovoltaics). Of course the light would be more intense outside. Why not use this near a window, inside, where it gets the natural sunlight they crave and then your LEDs will give the extra 4hours. All in all, great i'ble.

    Actually, the purpose of this project is to add 4 additional hours of light. The plant gets the natural amount of light plus 4.

    But plants grow best with the natural amount of light. If you add more light it's not organic because the leafs are forcing the plant to take extra nutrients... Unneeded nutrients...

    but a tomato growing in December can't get the the correct amount of natural light

    And if you grow a potato,then the plant will be a couch potato!

    Why not grow potatoes inside a couch-shaped container? Not a couch potato, a potato couch!