Make an Awesome Omelet




Omelets are delicious and the beauty of it is the combinations that you can make to make exciting new flavours.

Step 1: Ingredients

-yellow cheese/mozarella/white cheese
-half Tomato  or/and use mushrooms/anything else
-Salt and Peper

Step 2: Ingredients 2

-Soya Sauce
-Milk to make it more fluffy

Step 3: Step 1

Making the omelet:
1.Crack the eggs and put it in the bowl
2.Stir the eggs until it turns light yellowish
3.Add the ingredients
4.Add the spicies
5.Stir it

Step 4: Cooking

-Prepare the pan with a medium heat.
-Put oil to cover the whole area of the pan once the pan is hot.
-Pour the uncooked omelet
-Wait for a few minutes and check under the omelet  if its tender brown
-flip the omelt whole or half(this is easier)
-If flipped half then flip the whole omelet upside down
-When finished put it in the plate

Step 5: Finishing Touch

Add tobasco/lemon or/and basilicum for a better taste

Enjoy your very own omelet



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    8 years ago on Introduction

    I was gonna say why does the final result look nothing like it